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The 2nd Step is Settlement Negotiation on your behalf. Once you decide to move forward after having your questions answered we open a computer and hard file on your behalf and draft a Notice Letter to the manufacturer recounting the repair information provided by you and in the repair records. We request that the company accept responsibility under the law by buying back or replacing your vehicle along with paying all attorneys’ fees. In some instances compensation will be requested. Typically the company will request records to review within 10-14 days of the letter being sent. If anything is missing we will let you know. Once the company has completed its internal investigation it will let us know its settlement position. This takes 10-45 days depending on the company involved and its case volume. It is always up to you whether to accept or reject an offer. We will never accept an offer unless it has been approved or pre-approved by you. Typically there is some back and forth negotiation involved, which is what you have hired us for. To be advocates on your side to fight for you to get the best deal possible. You can relax while we do the heavy lifting of bargaining with the other side for you.